Group exhibition at the SVA Gallery in Stroud, curated by Patricia Brien.

This work is composed of collage, printing and painting. The ‘support’ is sliced up pieces of a gym floor. I was initially shocked that this beautiful oak floor had been sawed up at a reclamation yard in Bristol. I am reusing it to give it a second chance at being.

As a result of the ‘Incendiary’ invitation to submit work for a group exhibition next year, I have discovered a whole new universe of thinking by Donna Haraway. ‘Staying with the trouble’ is the inspiring title of her new book and I have listened to one of her recent talks about her ideas. For me, ‘staying with the trouble’ means working with what you have, in this fractured world.

I am putting the floor on the wall. Giving a different life to the discarded one. I work intuitively and start up a conversation with the process of working in this way. I respond to the object and these chopped up floorboards are very much objects because of their weight and size. That they can be reconfigured in other ways. As the artist, it is for me to present the most dynamic formation of these objects.

I have called the work ‘FLAWED’; a play on words and meanings. With my limited number of stencilled letters, words appear without spelling them out. It is a work in progress, a metamorphosis, a transformation – one that shows that situations can be shifted by addressing the present and being open to change.