Bourton House

Angela Baum and Annette Chevallier visited the Gardens at Bourton House at the beginning of September 2005. The artists were inspired both by the magic of the gardens and by the dramatic architecture of the Tithe barn with its soaring roof and massive beams. They decided to create a piece of work that would reflect some of the feelings they had about the beauty of the gardens. This work has taken the form of ten hand painted banners, each measuring 8ft x 4ft, hanging from the beams of the Tithe Barn. 

The banners may be seen as poetic abstractions using colour and a variety of motifs based on shapes and structures found in the gardens at Bourton. The motifs come from such things as seed pods, the knot garden with its spiralling and triangular trees, flowers, ferns, plant life, insects, water and the predatory heron. 

The vibrant colour used in the banners is a vital part of the installation. The resonant, evocative and celebratory qualities of colour express the energy and changing moods of the gardens.

The ten banners hang from the four central beams in the barn, moving gently with the breeze, creating fields of rhythmic colour and repetitive forms. Images appear, emerging and then merging, making new shapes and unexpected forms. Looking through the banners is like a walk through the gardens, where shapes (a hidden flower, a pool of water, a streak of colour) meet up in unanticipated ways.